4 Easy Tips for Battling Dad Bod

4 Tips for Turning your ‘Dad Bod’ into a real Father Figure

American’s have a curious way of addressing the obesity epidemic that now plagues a majority of the nation. In previous generations, an overweight child was called “healthy,” although we now know the opposite is true. Later they became “pleasantly plump,” “plus-sized”, or having “extra junk in the trunk” like “a spare tire.”


The latest, cutesy trend to celebrate the imperfect physique is the “Dad Bod,” an endearing term for a middle-aged male whose once muscular frame has added a soft outer layer of padding. Suddenly and mysteriously, the un-toned male body has become something to be celebrated rather than a serious health risk.


The most recent edition of Maxim even cites a Harvard professor to explain why `Women Find the Dad Bod More Attractive” (actual headline, gasp!), and Odyssey recently declared “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod,” telling males it’s quite all right to let themselves go.


Of course, more serious publications have addressed the Dad Bod for what it really is, an excuse and justification for poor health. Lower testosterone and higher risks for heart disease and other health problems are far from a reason for celebration, as pointed out by Time, which refers to the Dad Bod as ‘A Sexist Atrocity.” While we might not go that far to debunk the Dad Bod myth, Ted Hale Fitness knows how to correct it.


4 Tips for Battling Dad Bod



Battling Dad Bod Tip #1: Total Workout Routine

You may have spotted a few Dad Bods hanging out at the gym, usually focusing solely on weight lifting or crunches to tone the arms and abs. While that workout is a good first step (hey, at least your in the gym and not bar), simply addressing the most visible symptoms of middle-aged weight gain is far from ideal. In order to adequately deal with Dad Bod, a complete and well-rounded exercise routine is recommended. Ted Hale Fitness has a variety of workout programs to fit your needs.


Battling Dad Bod Tip #2: Pick the Right Fuel

One of the biggest reasons men begin to pack on the extra pounds is that their metabolism begins to change but their eating habits do not. Perhaps in the same mindset as their days as a high school athlete, when they could eat and drink anything they wanted because they could burn it off in the span of one practice. It’s time to get real. Putting away an entire pizza or pounding a 12-pack might have been cute in your younger years, but those days are over. It’s time to eat a balanced, healthy diet.


Battling Dad Bod Tip #3: Keep it Moving

The worst thing you can do to your body is, surprisingly, nothing. It’s a dangerous habit to fall into, and one that can be corrected in some creative ways. The recent trend of treadmill desks and standing work stations have become popular among those looking to battle immobility, but the fix can be as easy as taking the dog for a stroll, or walking to the corner store instead of driving. This is no replacement for a workout routine but every little step helps the overall battle of the bulge.


Battling Dad Bod Tip #4: Everything in Moderation

Young males often live by a motto of no limits. Who can drink the most beer, eat the most wings, drive the fastest car? But with age and maturity comes the realization that it’s not always good to do everything to the max. Many of the mistakes that lead to Dad Bod symptoms can be cut out by simply cutting back a bit on your guilty pleasures. Instead of rewarding yourself with a feast, make it a small treat.


So join the battle of the budge and launch an all-out assault on that soft dad bod of yours. It’s one thing to pop into the gym every once in awhile, toss around a few kettlebells and call it a day, but quite another to commit yourself to a real routine. If you have problems making it a regular habit, try some in-home, in-studio, and online personal training at Ted Hale Fitness.

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