Why Ted Hale Fitness?


Working with a personal trainer is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to get in shape.

In order to be successful long term in your fitness journey you will require information, safety, consistency, and motivation. All of these elements must be in place for maximum results to be achieved. Receive the highest level of personalized service and attention to detail to meet all of your individual needs and goals. Choose from a wide range of affordable programs and different packages guaranteed to put you on the fast track to the most serious weight loss goals and overall health benefit.

In response to the demands of our clients whose daily work and personal obligations leave little time for the gym, Ted Hale, a highly qualified personal trainer provides in-home personal training and nutrition counseling right in the privacy of your home.

Our Services

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  • In-Home Personal Training
  • Online Skype Training
  • Gym Training
  • Small Group Classes
  • Nutritional Counseling

About Ted


Ted, a fitness professional and personal trainer for more than 23 years, attended Montclair State focusing on exercise physiology and received his AFAA Fitness Certification.

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Did you know that scheduling an appointment with Ted Hale Fitness will make you 70% more likely to train than working out on your own? Kate worked with Ted Hale and lost over 20 pounds!